What is XCAD Network?

XCAD Network is a tokenization platform for Creators, which means they facilitate a YouTuber having their own Cryptocurrency Creator token, allowing them to reward viewers for engaging with their content directly on YouTube.

Fans are able to earn their favourite Creator tokens by watching tokenized creators directly on YouTube via the XCAD Plugin

How it works?

Viewers get rewarded, without changing their viewing experience.

Add the plugin
as a Chrome extension.


XCAD Plugin

Earn, stake, view, and trade creator tokens via XCAD plugin.

Coming Soon


Track and Analyze Creator tokens via Influencer Marketcap


Swap, trade, sell creator tokens via XCAD DEX

NFT Marketplace

Buy creator NFTs through the NFT marketplace

Coming Soon

Creator Token Utility

Earn NFTs through staking

Swap to other
Creator tokens

Trade via the XCAD DEX

Govern Creator Decisions

Swap to XCAD´s

Purchase merch and other
Creator services