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XCAD Network is a global platform harnessing the power and value of Content Creator audiences via Creator tokenization, allowing viewers to earn rewards and govern Creator’s decisions via a plugin which works directly on YouTube.
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What is XCAD Network?

The XCAD Network is a content creator tokenization platform
where you can earn and trade your favourite creators tokens.

Watch tokenized creators content directly on Youtube with our Plugin and earn their native creator token.

Add the plugin
as a Chrome extension

Benefits to creators & fans


Additional monetization while adding to the fan experience.

Increase engagement, watchtime and loyalty amongst fans.

Monetize further via your own Creator token unlocks, NFT Moments & through the sale of Creator based services.

Creators Fans

Earn, stake, view and trade creator tokens via the XCAD plugin.

Have a say in the Creators decisions via governance.

Track and Analyze creator tokens via

2021 Q3

Updates to Alpha Plugin

InfluencerMarketCap launch

Adding further allocations to the NFT farm

Announcing further Creators

First creators enrolled into XCAD program

DEX release on Mainnet

Burn metrics release for DEX & NFT Moments marketplace

Retail & crypto marketing campaign focused around product launch

Plug-in Mainnet launch

2021 Q4

Support for creator rewards on mobile (Plugin)

XCAD token built into the E-learning Platform

Trading built into the Browser Extension

Governance portal for fans to govern content based decisions for Creators

NFT Moments launch

2022 Q1

Mobile App for E-learning Platform

XCAD Governance Portal to vote what Creators can be tokenized and their milestones

Dedicated mobile app for Creator rewards

Launchpad for Creator tokens

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