XCAD Network is enabling the #Watch2Earn revolution by allowing fans to earn Creator token rewards for watching their favourite Creator, directly on YouTube.

How it works?

1. Download the XCAD plugin and create an account.

2. Watch a tokenized Creator’s video for 80% or more of the video duration, the plugin does not need to be opened, it will constantly be working in the background.

3. Get rewarded in that specific Creator token.

4. Build up your balance of different Creator tokens.

Fans Benefits

Earn, stake, view and trade creator tokens via the XCAD plugin.

Have a say in the Creators decisions via governance.

Track and Analyze creator tokens via

What do we do for Fans?

Xcad Network provides an opportunity for fans to earn Creator tokens completely free, directly on YouTube when watching their favourite Creators. If a viewer has the XCAD plugin, and watches 80% or more of a tokenized Creators video, they will be rewarded with the Creators token.

Viewers can use these Creator tokens to vote on polls their favourite Creators put out, the more tokens a viewer holds, the more weight their vote carries. This means the most loyal fans have the most say in a Creators Content. Viewer are furthermore able to stake their Creator tokens with XCAD to get a multiplier on the rewards they get from watching videos.

Fans can also trade their Creator tokens for other Creator tokens, use them to buy merchandise, NFT’s and much more.

Creator Token Utility

Earn NFTs through staking

Swap to other
Creator tokens

Trade via the XCAD DEX

Govern Creator Decisions

Swap to XCAD´s

Purchase merch and other
Creator services


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