XCAD play token

Get rewarded for supporting your favourite YouTubers, and for viewing patterns most beneficial to the Creators.

Users will compete to mint and then upgrade their NFT most efficiently, and watch videos in the most reliable way, as a fan. This brings value to the users and Creators involved in the PLAY community.

XCAD play token

How It Works

Mint a Nerd and Get rewarded for supporting your favorite YouTubers, and for viewing patterns most beneficial to the Creators. Buy your Nerd and Start Earning Play Tokens!

Challenge & Comedy
Challenge & Comedy

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  3. Gain entry to the PLAY Area!


Access codes are generated periodically and can only be used once.
Please refresh the page to obtain and try a different access code, or wait for a new code to become available.
We are dedicated to delivering the best #Watch2Earn experience possible in this space!


What Can You Do With PLAY

Buy and sell nerds using the integrated plugin marketplace
Trade or HODL them
Compete by repairing and upgrading your NFTs
Provide liquidity with our partners and earn fees

PLAY Token Burn Mechanisms

The Play Token and NFTs provide multiple ways of decreasing supply while maintaining a gamified experience for all users. A few examples are:

  1. NFT Minting 93% burnt
  2. NFT Repairing 96.5% burnt
  3. Upgrading Characteristics 96.5% burnt
  4. Breeding NFTs burn TBC
  5. NFT Trading 3.75% burnt



2023 Q4

  • Leaderboards COMPLETED

  • Watch Parties COMPLETED

  • Nerd Battles COMPLETED

  • Season 2 COMPLETED

  • Vesting COMPLETED

  • Trading Reward Platform
  • Continued V2 Roll Out COMPLETED

  • Creator Promotions COMPLETED

  • Trading Campaigns COMPLETED

  • Grant Program
  • Stats Dashboard
  • XCAD.social App launch COMPLETED

  • Further Partnerships COMPLETED

  • Notification System COMPLETED

  • Social Sharing COMPLETED

  • Added Token Support COMPLETED

  • Web3 Wallet Connection COMPLETED

  • Improved Checkout Process COMPLETED

  • Improved Plugin Security COMPLETED

  • Seasonal Promotions COMPLETED

  • Social/News Channels COMPLETED


2024 Q1

  • Season 3 COMPLETED

  • Continued Rollout of PLAY Seasons COMPLETED

  • New Economic Model
  • Continued V2 Roll Out
  • Improved Educational Content
  • XCAD Tech <> Creator Tokens
  • Perk Revamp
  • Additional CLOs
  • Influencer Chat Rooms
  • Governance Voting
  • Further Creator Token Rollout
  • Further Partnerships
  • Centralising Products
  • Improved Sign Up Flow + Social Sign In
  • Creator Token and PLAY Area Separation
  • Gas Improvements
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Improved Support
  • Firefox Support
  • Web2 Marketing (Sponsored Web2 Event)
  • Improved Analytics Software
  • New Off Ramp for Creator Token Users.

2024 Q2

  • Season 4
  • Social Features
  • Continued V2 Roll Out
  • Tokenization Application Portal
  • Further Gamification
  • Leaderboards
  • Additional CLOs
  • Avatars and Improved User Profiles
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Social Mining System

2024 Q3

  • Season 5
  • NFT Collectables
  • Bridging Token Support
  • Additional CLOs
  • Decentralised Tracking
  • Twitch/Youtube Livestream Support
  • TV App
  • Influencer Marketcap V2
  • SocialFi Chain Information


Earn Content Creator Tokens by watching your favorite YouTubers

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