About XCAD

XCAD Network is revolutionising the Creator Economy via Tokenization and


XCAD Network is enabling tokenization for YouTubers, allowing them to transform their vast audiences, into web 3.0 communities.

The XCAD browser extension allows viewers to earn Creator's tokens while watching their favorite Creators. Viewers can earn, stake, view and trade Creator's tokens all via the XCAD plugin. The plugin works directly with YouTube, in the background while you watch videos. After a viewer has the XCAD plugin, and watches 80% or more of a tokenized Creators video, they will be rewarded with the Creator's token. Viewers can use these Creator's tokens to vote on polls their favorite Creators put out, the more tokens a viewer holds, the more weight their vote carries. This means the most loyal fans have the most say in a Creator's Content. Fans can also trade their Creator's tokens for other Creator tokens, use them to buy merchandise, NFT’s and much more.

The Ecosystem

The XCAD ecosystem is composed of multiple dApps which strengthen and add value to the Creator token ecosystem.

  • Influencer MarketCap

    Influencer MarketCap

    Track and analyze Creator tokens.

    View Influencer MarketCap


    Swap, trade, and sell Creator tokens and other Crypto assets.

    View dXCAD DEX
  • Governance Portal

    Governance Portal

    Influence the decision of your favorite Creator by voting on polls using your tokens.

    View Governance Portal
  • #Watch2Earn


    Watch your favourite creators and earn tokens!

    Download Now!
  • NFT Marketplace
    Coming Soon

    NFT Marketplace

    Buy Creator NFTs

  • Launchpad


    Raises funds for the initial liquidity of a creator.

    Participate on a CLO!
  • XCAD Social

    XCAD Social

    Trade Creator keys & access the worlds biggest Influencers

    Buy a Key!

XCAD Token Utility

  1. Staked to gain access to initial Creator Liquidity Offerings
  2. Paired with CTs in CLOs locking XCAD’s in liquidity forever
  3. Staked to increase Creator Token rewards
  4. Staked by Creators to increase payouts
  5. Governance token for Creators applying to tokenise
  6. Powers the Creator token DEX

Meet the team

  • 2.275%
  • 18.45%
  • 20%
  • 20%
  • 10%
  • 8%
  • 21.275%


200m Total Supply

  • Pre-Seed RoundSupply: 4,550,000
  • Seed SaleSupply: 36,900,000
  • LiquiditySupply: 40,000,000
  • Ecosystem IncentivesSupply: 40,000,000
  • TeamsSupply: 20,000,000
  • Partners & AdvisorsSupply: 16,000,000
  • FoundationSupply: 42,550,000



2024 Q1

  • New Economic Model COMPLETED

  • Continued V2 Roll Out COMPLETED

  • Improved Educational Content COMPLETED

  • Additional CLOs COMPLETED

  • Further Creator Token Rollout COMPLETED

  • Further Partnerships COMPLETED

  • Creator Token and PLAY Area Separation COMPLETED

  • Gas Improvements COMPLETED

  • Improved UI/UX COMPLETED

  • Improved Support COMPLETED

  • Improved Analytics Software COMPLETED

  • New Off Ramp for Creator Token Users. COMPLETED


2024 Q2

  • Multiple Creator Token Offerings & Listings
  • Web2 Social Event - YouTuber Event
  • Grant Program
  • Launchpool - Stake XCAD, Earn CTs
  • Social Mining System
  • Multi Creator Promotions
  • Creator Token CEX
  • New Perks & Raffles
  • Influencer Marketcap V2
  • Hatching Website
  • New App Improvements & Features
  • Further Partnerships

2024 Q3

  • More Creator Token Offerings & Listings
  • Creator Token Application Portal
  • Creator Portal v2 - Creator Management & Analytics System
  • Bridging Token Support
  • Further Web2 Social Events
  • SocialFi Chain Information
  • XCAD Social Improvements
  • Special Edition Perk Auction
  • Further Gamification
  • Additional Platforms

2024 Q4

  • More Creator Token Offerings & Listings
  • Fan Loyalty Events
  • Web Integration
  • XCAD SocialFi Chain


Earn Content Creator Tokens by watching your favorite YouTubers

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